Stick Up Cam Wired - quality issues at night since last week

Since last week, my stickup cam cannot ‘see’ in the dark. I have double checked and no settings have changed. Night vision is still ON. The same outdoor lights are ON. Anyone had the same experience ? Any advice what I can do to fix this issue?

I have a before and after screenshot attached. Thanks

Hey @kumiyer ! After looking over the example attached, the lighting in the environment might be causing a difference in night vision. Our cameras are designed to be as intuitive as possible to fit each unique environment, and the lens will adjust or cater to the majority of the environment that is within it’s field of view.

The second image shows light shining on the siding closest to the Cam, making the left side much brighter than the right side of the view. I recommend angling the Stick Up Cam to face more to the right, as well as ensuring any lights in the area are not pointing at the Cam but instead the area you want covered.

If this concern persists, try unplugging the cam and plugging it back in to power to see if this improves the lens adjustment at night. Please let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: