Stick up cam wired - POE Help ?

Hi all,

Ive just purchased a stick up cam wired, unfortunately the location of where it needs to go the wifi signal isnt the best, ive read that i can use a POE adapter and power from my router? Is that correct, if so what do i need to buy ?

Thanks in advance ?

Hi @Stu7794! Do you have the Stick Up Cam Plug-in, or the Stick Up Cam Elite? If you have the Stick Up Cam Plug-in, you will not be able to convert this into the Elite, which uses the POE adapter. If you have an interest in using the POE adapter, I recommend swapping out the Plug-In for our Elite! Although, we do have different generations of the Stick Up Cam. Our Stickup Cam 2nd Gen Wired is the same as the Stickup Cam Elite, as in that it can use the POE adapter. If you’re unsure what generation you have, I recommend giving our support team a call here so they can look into that for you. :slight_smile: