Stick Up Cam Wired Night Vision Not Working

Like the title says. Anyone know a fix? I’ve tried full reboot 3 times.

Using your phone Ring App, go to the “Device Setting” of your Stick Up Cam, and the select “Video Settings” and then make sure the toggle is selected ON for “Infrared Lights for Night Vision.” If this is not toggled on, then the IR LED will not illuminate in darkness to allow your cam to see. If it already is toggled ON, then try cycling the toggle to OFF and then back ON.

This LED is invisible to human eyes (although I do believe some bugs can see it, and you’ll see the bugs flying near your cam at dusk) and this LED in located just above (could be below … I’m not sure) the Blue LED in the black portion of the cam. I hope that you solution is to simply toggle it on.