Stick Up Cam Wired - "Live view disabled due to low battery"

Same issue here. Have 2 stick up cams both installed at the same time for just a few weeks now. One indicates live view disabled because of low battery. Both are wired!

I’ve tried re-installing multiple times but nothing works. I noticed that every time I add the camera to my account it indicated updating software. Today I tried again and noticed that it seemed work while it was updating. I could see live view! But as soon as the software finished updating the error came back.

So I suspect faulty software update in this camera.

Is there a way to reset to factory settings so I can start all over again with this camera? I’ve had no issue with the other camera but this one always seems to be ‘updating software’ now……

Note: I have even swapped power source from other working ring camera and still same issue.

Help please? Ring has not been able to resolve this issue!

Anyone? Hellloooooo? Ring support where are you?

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