Stick Up Cam Wired less than 100 cm?

I’m planning to install my Stick Up Cam Wired outdoors and there’s a paper insert that seems to show that the Outdoor USB Power Supply should not be placed more than 100 cm below the camera. (See attachment.)

I’m puzzled by this. The cable is far longer than 100 cm, so it’s not about conductivity, and vertical distance affects water pressure, but not electricity, so what’s this about?

Hey @JoEbYX. After checking with the appropriate departments, it looks like we listed it this way in the insert in order to receive our UL listing, as this was a requirement to achieve this. Overall, we included this as it is for legal reasons. This has to do with how far the device can fall if the mount fails - therefore there’s no technical or electrical reasoning behind it. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile:

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