Stick up cam wired (gen 3) recording length

I thought the wired units got 1min recording time, I only get 30 seconds?


You are correct Ring Wired cams dk record for up to 60sec vs Battery cams which have a max video length of 30sec.

There may be some confusion with regard to what a Wired Ring device is. “Wired” is a Maine powered only model. The Stickup cam V3 is a Battery model, but it is available to buy in three variants based on accessories supplied: Battery, USB power adapter (no battery), Solar panel (with battery). You can add a battery to the USB powered option to give some resiliency if there is a mains supply issue. But if your wifi is out, nothing will work anyway.

Unfortunately it makes no difference how you power a Battery model, it does not current get an extended recording time or access to additional features available on Wired models.

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Thank you, in a way that makes sense… But is misleading as Ring sell the stick-up cam as a wired model, they don’t state its a battery model. What I would have expected is that the device adjusts recording length based on power source, a very simple firmware fix…

I’ve just moved accross to Ring from Nest (due to the greater integration with Alexa, IFTTT etc). While I really like, there are some things that are very frustrating. Hopefully they will release improvements, like this, along with continuous recording and camera settings via schedule / geolocation.

Fingers crossed!

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Hey @Tinbun73! Thank you so much for feedback on this. We have heard this from other neighbors and please note that it is feedback we are aware of and hoping to bring improvements for the future with this device and other battery operated devices! :slight_smile:

@Murray Greatly appreciate the helpful and accurate description. Your posts have been beyond helpful lately and I thank you for helping neighbors out and spreading correct information. :slight_smile: