Stick Up Cam Wired connection shows 100MBps

My SUCW is connected by CAT6 cables from camera>poe injector>router. However it always shows as connected @ 100MBps whereas other wired devices all show 1000MBps.

Is this normal?

Is the ring PoE injector only capable of a 100MBps (equivalent to old CAT5 wiring)?

Great question @Labrajaws! Are the other wired devices which are reporting gigabit speeds Ring devices? Our devices only require a certain amount of network resources to operate and should not need to receive anything beyond 100 MBps, especially when connected via POE. This is simply how the injector delegates resources as needed.

The Ring Stick Up Cam ethernet uses a 100 adapter, and so will connect at that speed. The Ring Cam will never use more than 5 (being generous). So a gigabit connection would add no value.

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This is a great topic and I’m interested in some of the technical details. I have my wired cam connected to a POE managed switch and I have a managed traffic monitor behind my wireless controller/google mesh network prior to hitting my router. When I look at traffic flow from the wireless controller, I see wifi only traffic, which includes “all” of my ring cameras. From the managed switch at the POE, I see only POE supported power route, not data traffic. So I’m confused, are these cams using wifi only to communicate ? It would appear they are.

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My plan was to hook these cameras up with ethernet & POE. The POE works but the data connection isn’t working good enough to send consistent video over ethernet.

I’ve tried everything to get it to connect that way but it just won’t work properly. So at the moment it is being powered by POE but sending data via WiFi. This is the case with both my cameras. I’ve searched and found others having problems but no solutions.

Hooked up a second camera to the same ethernet connection and had the same problem. It’s not the cable because my laptop gets a high quality 1000 Mb connection. Can’t make any sense of it. Spoke to Ring support and got basic, “reboot it, reset to factory and start over, reboot router, reboot modem…” None of this helped.

I have four Ring POE cams. They all work just fine as designed. All ethernet, no wifi conections. They are connected using individual POE injectors. All I can tell you is they do work as advertised, at least mine do.

Thanks Brad. Mine are hooked to a netgear POE switch which meets all the requirements. I’ll try an individual POE injector to see if that helps.

@Stones22 were you able to solve your issue? I am having the exact same problem. I get power from POE but no connectivity. I’ve tried using the the Ring individual POE injector and still same problem. Some people claim to fix this by disabling SPT (spanning tree protocol) on their POE switch but I don’t think this is my issue because I still have the issue using the Ring individual Poe injector. Btw, my ISP is CenturyLink and my modem+router is a Zyxel C3000Z provided by CenturyLink.

@Prancer. mine has just been hooked up with POE for Power and WiFi for data. since it’s been quite a while since i last tried i’ll get he ladder out and see if data now works correctly. maybe a firmware update along the way fixed something.

my problem does sounds slightly differnt than yours. the camera was able to establish a connection but it was a really bad connection. pixelated picture and such. a laptop hooked to the same cat6 cable establishes gigabit connection and is able to transmit expected speeds.

have you ruled out a network cable issue by hooking a laptop or something to it and transferring a few files?

give me a bit and will tried to change it from WiFi to ethernet connection to see what happens.

Thanks @Stones22. I have verified that the ethernet cabling is not the issue. Works fine when i hook up my laptop to the ethernet cable and i get gigabit ethernet speeds. The same issue is occurring on all the POE cameras that i have from Ring (1 Ring Doorbell Élite and all 6 my Ring stick up cams). If i had known POE Ethernet connectivity wouldn’t work from Ring, i would have bought another brand of cameras. Very disappointing.

Hi everyone, when I look at the traffic on my PoE switch (which only has ring cameras connected), I’m seeing 100Mb and it’s a gigabit switch. That would indicate that the network port on the cam’s themselves is 100Mb and has nothing to do with the line speed of the switch. I have not seen any spec’s that indicate this is the case, but I would be that this is true. That being said, if you recall, when these connected cams were originally setup and configured, you were asked to join them to the network, not via the app as a Client to a Network, but the devices connected to your phone and then joined the network. Even though, through the setup there were indications that the camera’s connected via ethernet, I would expect even at 100Mbs or even 10Mbs for that matter, the connection to the live view would be extremely fast. There is at least a 10 second delay on some days and I would say generally 5 second delay on a gigabyte network, where I consistently get 850Mbs and 900Mb down running various speed tests. Now keep in mind, that this data has to travel through all the traffic through your wifi, router and ISP router to the cloud and back and even 5 seconds is considered pretty fast I would guess. In addition to that, if the server where this app is connecting is slow as mollasses then I would bet that has a big impact as well. In addition, I’m still trying to find another Ring stick up wired from the original version and not the junk they now offer with a PoE injector. I’ve installed two of those at my neighbors and the wire nitemare is going to be horendous. nice going Ring and Amazon!!!

To get the data through PoE, you’ll need to reconfig the camera to pick Ethernet connection. Best way is to reset the camera by pressing the orange button next to the Ethernet port and go to the setup again.

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