Stick up Cam wired connection issues

I am this problem. I am very proficient wiring cat 5e and cat6 cables. I constantly get the poor connection message when viewing my cameras. I currently have four cameras connected wired through PoE. The cameras almost act as if they are trying to get a Wi-Fi signal even though they are connected wired. The camera status says it has a weak Wi-Fi connection which is why they are wired. My home has aluminum siding with blocks the Wi-Fi signals.

Here are more pictures of the problem.

Hiya @OutKast. When you are trying to access the Live View, are you on Wi-Fi on your phone, or using your cellular data? Since these devices are connected via PoE, this may be a message that your phone is having a hard time connecting. I would recommend trying to using only cellular data when loading a Live View, and see if the same thing happens. Also, check that your PoE connections are not loose and are proper. If this concern persists, I would recommend to reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918!

Having the same problem!

So many hours running cable, terminating connectors, rerunning cable, terminating ends again and again.