Stick up cam will not connect to WiFi

Tried restarting both cam and WiFi and will not connect other ring devices are working fine

Hey @Jake2. At what part in the setup process does the device not connect? If you could, please attach a screenshot of what error message you run into that doesn’t allow the Stick Up Cam to reconnect.

I just purchased a stick up cam to be used along with my existing doorbell Pro. I cannot complete the setup as it fails while trying to connect to the wifi router. It says it might be out of range so I literally put it right next to the wifi router and it still says it might be out of range. I’ve restarted the router, the app on my phone and the stickup cam but I am still unable to complete the setup process as it always fails during the wifi setup. I will give it a couple more days and will return it if it still continues to fail.

Contacted support and we figured it out. My doorbell pro is connected to 5ghz. Seems the stickup cam can only handle 2.4ghz. Fortunately my router is dual band so we can handle this.

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