Stick up cam, wifi signal not found at all - can see everyone elses

We just moved into a house that came with Ring doorbell and 2 stick up cams. I had no issues connecting the doorbell to wifi, but am running into issues with the stick up cams.

Ring doorbell found my wifi with no issues. Stick up cams I get to the set-up point where it lists all the wifi networks in the neighborhood except mine. Solutions I have tried so far based on google: I have manually entered in the wifi network ID’s (both 5 and 2.4), taken down the camera and pulled it into the house closer to the router, reset the camera, reset the router and used a different device to try to set up. My network isn’t hidden, the doorbell found it as have other devices. I’m at a loss as google searches only show that it doesn’t connect to a network it’s seeing, not that the users network isn’t even being found. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Hi @ToenailFungus. Do you have two separate network SSIDs for your 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks, or are they under the same SSID and password? What happens when you have manually entered your wifi networks during the setup? When you reset the Cameras, make sure that you were holding down the setup button for a full 20 seconds to fully complete the reset.