Stick Up Cam wifi mesh issue


I’ve just installed a Stick Up Cam Battery in my workshop, and have discovered an issue with how it connects to the mesh.
I have two Unifi APs, one in the house, and one in my workshop with a wireless uplink.

When I set the cam up, it connected to the AP in the workshop, and everything works well. However if the mesh system has to re-issue IPs for some reason (I had to reboot the router they connect through which is when I noticed this problem), the workshop AP is slow to re-initialise, so the cam then reconnects to the AP in the house.
The signal strength connected to the house AP is fine, but the cam shows as offline.
To get the cam back online, I either have to reboot the cam, or go into the my Unifi controller and force a reconnection, which makes the cam reconnect to the workshop AP, and come back online.

Is there something in the Stick Up Cam that causes it to go offline if it reconnects to a different AP?

Is it actually a UniFi mesh system or is it just multiple access points? Are the APs broadcasting the same SSID?


yes, it’s a UniFi mesh system, with both APs using the same SSID.