Stick Up Cam - Weak Signal/No Live View

I’m looking for help!

I’ve owned a Ring Doorbell for a while now and loved it, it’s worked an absolute treat and because of that I decided to invest in one of the new gen Stick Up Cam’s with the Solar Panel. It’s currently mounted to the side of my new build property and worked somewhat well after being installed. I have BT Super Fast Fibre, with my router located in my understair cupboard where the fibre comes into the property. After only a few days of being installed, the RSSI score started to rocket to the point where it dropped off my home network. I’ve invested in a WiFi Extender, which is now plugged into a power just the other side of the wall in the nearest bedroom and it’s connected up fine. I managed to get Live View worked for all of about 6 hours, before it’s decided to show weak signal and suggests my phone’s connection is weak. I’ve tried restarting my router and number numerous speed tests through the Ring app and I have a tonne more than the recommended connection speed.

Please could someone help me try and get this current wall decoration working?

I have the same issue. Have a Ring Spotlight Camera which has worked flawlessly for a year.

Bought an additional Stick up Plug In to cover more area outdoors 1 week ago. It works with Live view, updating thumbnail ONLY some hours after reset then it’s completely unresponsive. Does not record after that either. RSSI -50 stable, no issues there.

Trying to return it.

Sorry for hi-jacking your thread here but on my side I returned the stick up cam and replaced it with another Spotlight cam, in the same spot, even though I won’t be using the lights.

It just works so much better.

Difference is immediate just in general responsiveness and it’s been running perfectly for 9 hours. RSSI values are identical.

Hope you figure yours out.

Hey @Tazzenelli and @Peer1! @Peer1, I’m happy to hear you were able to find a device that worked much better. @Tazzenelli With the new additions you have made to your wifi setup and router, it may need to have some things changed on the router’s settings to make the RSSI go down as well as help with the loading of your Live View. If you can, please visit your router’s settings and adjust thePorts and Protocols as needed. Once these have all been opened, do a reset of your device by holding down the setup button for 30 seconds. From there, monitor the device and see if these changes has helped improve it!

Hey @Peer1,

After 2-3 hours chatting through various troubleshooting steps with Ring Support, I found something new out. I also have a Ring Doorbell that’s worked flawlessly on my network from the get go, but as I mentioned, the Stick Up Cam was offered varying performance. I found that the firmware used by the Doorbell and the Camera read SSID’s and passwords differently. The biggest issue with the camera is that it cannot be connected to a network using a password that contains special characters.

I have now had to change the SSID and password of my WiFi Extender and I can now confirm I’ve had much better results from the camera. Hopefully this information helps!

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