Stick Up Cam tags people as just "motion". Seems Person detection isn't working right

So a new Stick Up cam I installed outside does detect motion but when it’s a person, it doesn’t identify it as a person, just generic motion.

Previously I discovered that when the camera is configured in Battery mode, it does not pick up anything through a window but when it’s reconfigured as Wired, it does. When it’s configured for Battery mode it shows that it’s in a Low Power mode, so I’m guessing motion detection is dialed down when it’s not set up in Wired mode.

I also see that in the general device settings you can configure it as Indoor or Outdoor.

So, obviously the camera has some settings that change depending on if it’s in Wired, Battery, Indoor, or Outdoor modes.

First, can anyone shed some light on exactly what internal settings are changed between those modes?

Second, I’ve tried all of the settings but none of them make any difference. It just keeps saying Motion but not Person.

I have it located about 8 feet away from a Ring Floodlight Plus cam and the Floodlight cam correctly identifies people. The Floodlight cam is 8 feet farther away from the moving person.

It is also less than a foot away from a $20 Wyze cam and the Wyze also identifies People just fine.

Currently it’s configured in Outdoor mode and Wired.

Any ideas??

Hi @GuitarMan. Using Battery Mode versus Wired Mode will affect some of the settings available on your Stick Up Cam, such as Motion Frequency and the Snapshot Capture duration options. With Dual Power Mode, the Motion Sensitivity is automatically set to the default for that mode. The Motion Zones will also be reset to a default zone based on the mode selected, so I’d always recommend reviewing your motion settings when you swap Power Modes.

The Smart Alerts feature can help you refine your motion alerts, but various factors will affect the person detection. These factors include the weather, lighting, and the installation height and angle. We have heard neighbor feedback to improve the performance of the Smart Alerts feature before, which you can find in this thread on our Feature Request board. You’re welcome to add your vote and comment to that thread.