Stick up Cam - stuttering motion in live view

Hi @BadDates. What is the RSSI for this device? When you say stuttering, does this mean the video skips or freezes? Try rebooting your internet router to see if this helps the video quality.

Same issue. I’ve recently installed a floodlight pro. This was initially connected to an older Netgear AC1800 extender. This is a decent extender, but the live video was still choppy and stuttering, but was smooth on playback .
So, like Ring wants me to believe, with an RSSI signal of 65ish, it must be my connection.
So I go and drop $200AUD on a ASUS RP-AX56 mesh node to join my ASUS RT-AX88U router (beast).
I was very disappointed to find my RSSI at around the same, especially since connecting directly to my router without any extender was also around the 64/67 range.
So I moved it around, disconnected, reconnected, reset and reinstalled many times to try and improve it.
While doing so I became somewhat of a Google taught expert on the ASUS router and its features, including what it can tell me.
So how, may I ask, does the router show a connection from the camera to the node of -60dbm , with a transfer rate of 13Mbps, with a -41dbm connection from the node to the router, which has an upload speed of anywhere between 7 - 13 Mbps upload, do I STILL get an RSSI of 63? My router tells me the connection can’t get any better and the node is basically on top of the camera.
So RING, please stop with the ‘its the wifi connection’ and sort your app out.

And yes, it’s connected via 2.4ghz. I turned 5ghz off on the node.

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