Stick up Cam - stuttering motion in live view

I’ve got 2 stick up cams - wired (cat 5e, PoE). In live view, they both stutter (eg, if a car or person is going by the view will freeze for about 1/2 second, then jump forward, freeze again, etc.). However, if you view a recording of the same type of motion it is fine.

To me, that means the camera is working OK.

Any others experiencing this? Is there a firmware fix on the horizon?

Forgot to mention. This happens across all viewing platforms (android phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Win10 app).

Thank you for that breakdown of your live view observations. A freeze frame, or skipping in a live stream, is often due to packet loss or interference with the network. While RSSI is important it is only half the battle. You will want the RSSI in device health to read better than -50 for optimal performance. In addition to that, please ensure the router being used is up to date, and the speeds you receive from your provider are sufficient for video streaming. Feel free to respond with those details and we will be happy to assist further :slight_smile:

The cameras are WIRED. Cat5e, 1Gbps network. I specifically highlighted that in my post.

What does RSSI have to do with anything?

Also, the recordings are fine, so obviously the camera is operating properly. Seems like it is something wrong with the way live view works. Software? Firmware?

You are correct, RSSI would not be a factor here if these Cams are indeed connected via Cat5e. Please double check that these Cat5e cables are in good condition and are operating other Ethernet enabled devices (I.E. windows laptop) sufficiently. Additionally, a power cycle on the cams might improve video functionality.

If freezing persists, please perform a reset by holding the setup button down for 20 seconds. Let us know if this helps!

Thanks Marley. Cat5e cable s are fine ( I tested them - and am a Network/Server IT Consultant).

Before I try anything on my end please explain how live view would stutter but recordings (of the same exact events) would be fine. How could that be a network issue on my end? Thanks!

Thanks for checking on that. Even though the recording afterwards plays as intended, the nature of a live stream is an immediate request of resources and delivery of packets through a network, servers, and so on. Whenever there is a live video concern, it’s best to check the app, mobile device, camera itself, and the network, in order to cover all related bases.

If the hardwired connection is looking sufficient, then we can certainly move on to resetting the camera to see if that might resolve these live video concerns.

Marley, I’m confused. In essence, isn’t a recording identical to a live stream? Isn’t the same data streamed for live viewing and/or recorded for later viewing?

How could a live steam stutter when a recording of the same stream is fine (ie, I can watch my mailman stutter along while delivering letters but then watch him do the same via a recording STUTTER FREE)?

Makes no sense to me. Seems like the packets, etc. that you mention have to traverse the network regardless of whether they are viewed live or recorded. No?

No worries @SoriceConsulting, that’s what we are here for. Let me explain further. When live streaming anything, there is a chance for things like buffering or freeze frames depending on common technical variables. When we record a movie while watching it, if it buffers during the real time stream, the recording itself will not have that same buffer. This same logic applies to most other streaming devices.

When a live stream is initiated on your Ring device, it receives the request > establishes connection with your in home network > establishes a connection and delivery of packets between your router and internet service provider. It then delivers this video to your mobile device (wifi or cellular) and simultaneously delivers this video to our server for recording. This is the flow most streaming IoT devices will follow. Any packets lost, or inefficiencies in connection/ communication during the live stream, can often be fixed or optimized upon the recording reaching the server.

This would explain why a stream might look different than a recorded video. Feel free to keep us updated with any steps that improves your live stream, or any additional symptoms. If this concern persists, after trying the previous suggestions, I recommend contacting support for more in depth troubleshooting.

Thanks Marley,

Excellent explanation.

I’ll call support soon to get some troubleshooting help. As I said, my cameras are wired. I also have 100 Mbps up/down Verizon FiOS and multiple Ubiquiti Access Points, so our home has excellent wired/WiFi coverage. Not sure where the problem could be occuring on my end.

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Any resolution to this issue? I’m in the same category, stick up cams on POE with very choppy live view. I’ve checked all the boxes on my end, can’t find any issues. Almost ready to trade in all my Ring gear (subscriptions), it’s very frustrating.

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Hi @MiUser! When using power over ethernet with an ethernet network connection, you should have an optimal video connection. I recommend checking your ethernet chord and ports to ensure for a solid connection. Please also double check that your Ring device is showing as connected via ethernet via the Ring app device health, or even in your router interface.

If the above checks out, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app, as well as testing live view on wifi or cell data only, to see if this improves streaming quality. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Seems like this issue was not resolved yet, I have the same issue, tried deleting the ring apps and factory resetting the ring stick up cams, and it’s still stuttering in live view.

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I’ve basically given up trying to troubleshoot this. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and have a solid wired connection to both my cameras. They both stutter in live view. I think it is a problem that Ring is aware of - just not sure why they won’t admit it and fix it with a firmware update. Sigh.

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Going to take one for the team…

Called Support and am on hold. Will take up the issue with a suporet rep and post my results.

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Talked to a support Rep. Not helpful. She wanted me to reset my modem, my Router, and all my Ring devices (cams and doorbell).


Everything else on my netowrk is working fine - EXCEPT my Ring cameras. I declined.

I may try and hook up an older (HikVision) camera I own to see if it ‘stutters’.

Will advise when I get a chance to test.

I found this page, I’m wondering if it’s a firewall issue. gonna open the specific ports on my router and see if that helps, will post update soon.

Ring Ports

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It is not just you, we are having the exact same issue. It started happening not too long ago. I am wondering if they did some kind of upgrade or patch to the cameras?

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I wish they would address the issue with a firmware update - Marley_Ring or Jennifer_Ring - any comment? This has been an ongoing issue for (obviously) lots of Users.

Marley_Ring or Jennifer_Ring - Can’t we just find out how pervasive this issue is with the Live View for the Cameras (mine is wired, but wireless will likely be as bad or worse?).


How about a (prominent, first Community Page) online Survey to get input from Users and see how many are having this issue?

SeanCindy - keep this thread going - the more Users we have pressing the issue the more likely we’ll get results.

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