Stick up cam streaming error

I just finished installing and setting up a pair of stick up cams, with wired power. Both compled setup and one installed updates. The other was happy without updates. The camera that didn’t update briefly uploaded video of me completing the installation. One indicates an RSSI of -67 dB (the one that received the update), the other (the one that didn’t need updates and uploaded video) says -63 dB. They’re placed outside, about 20 feet from the router, which is just below a window on the same side of the house. When my phone is where the cameras are installed, it reports it’s receiving maximum WiFi signal strength. I also have a Ring Doorbell that is about the same distance from the router, but in the oppocite direction. It reports an RSSI of -43 dB, which is clearly a lot better.

When I try to access live view on either stickup camera I just get a “streaming error”. I’ve retried repeatedly, but always get the same “streaming error” message. Meanwhile the doorbell camera works wonderfully. The doorbell working suggests to me that the router and my cable bandwidth are not a problem. So why won’t brand new cameras that sucessfully completed setup stream video?

Just after posting this I placed a Chime Pro half way between the router and the stick up cameras and immediately received “critically low battery” warnings from both stick up cameras. Given that neither actually has a battery this seems odd. Is this telling me that the wired supplies are delivering a low voltage? What is the nominal voltage from the wired supply supposed to be? Or is this indicative of some other problem?

Now when I try to access live video I just get a “recharge battery” message. If I click on it, it just forwards me to a not particularly useful video showing how to recharge the battery that doesn’t exist.

I went through the setup again, after moving the Chime closer to the cameras - it was plugged into the same outlet that the cameras were plugged into, so significantly less than the span of the AC power supply and outdoor cord. They now are willing to connect to the WiFi. This only boosted the RSSI up to -58 dB, but that was enough. Clearly Ring wireless design quality is quite poor when compared with a cell phone.

Did you test your upload speed at the location of the device, @GregT1 ? I’m curious to see what those numbers are. Also, we have another thread in relations to the battery on the Stick Up Cam plug in. We have the team investigating and will certainly be in touch with more information as it comes in!

I just put my ladder away, but my upload speed measured 7.7 MB/s when the phone was perhaps 4 feet below the camera. The router is higher than the camera, so the phone was further away than the camera which can’t directly connect to the router. The Chime-Pro that enables the camera is probably about 8 feet from the router with an intervening wall (it reports an RSSI of -24 dB), plugged into the same outlet as the camera.

Yes, I noticed the other thread on low battery warnings and posted an observation (with more details) there: live view consistenly works on some screens in the app, and consistently fails with a low battery warning on other screens.

I’ve continued to have intermittent problems with connectivity on these cameras, so I moved the Chime Pro even closer (closer than the wall wart that supplies power). It’s now less than 6 feet away from the cameras, including an exterior wall (wood framed, not metal or brick) between them. One camera reports an RSSI of -52 dB while the other camera (4 inches closer to the Chime) reports -60 dB. At these signal levels they seem to operate reliably, but having to place a Chime Pro (which reports an RSSI of -27 dB) less than six feet away from the cameras seems a little crazy.

I am also having a streaming error. I have attached images of the device health and connection status. I have never received a working stream from the device. Please help. Ring 2 doorbell works flawlessly.

I’m also having the same issue, this is the second stick up cam I have purchased. The first one I returned thinking something was wrong with the device. My doorbell also works just fine so I’d love to know why the stick up cam is having so many issues.

Hey neighbors! If you’re still having this streaming error concern with your Live View not loading, please check out our Community post here which offers troubleshooting steps you can take to address this. If you still have this concern after trying some troubleshooting, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Feel free to come back to this thread and share what works for you! :slight_smile:

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The error is to do with the new modes setting. If with it disabled is seems to now allow live view of stick up cams. Enable it and customise home and disarmed mode. Then it works.

The error is to do with the new modes setting. If with it disabled is seems to now allow live view of stick up cams. Enable it and customise home and disarmed mode. Then it works.

I am receiving an error message for live streaming. When someone appears at the door. What is the reason for this error message? The live stream was working a couple days ago. What process can clear/fix this error

Scooty298 can you give any details of “new modes setting”.

How and where to make this change?


This may not be the fix for everyone, but I have had similar issues re activating the camera on a wireless spotlight camera. Turns out the battery hadn’t clicked into position. Who knew! Once it clicked in, all worked. Rooky error maybe but worth checking in the absence of any other faults / wifi issues.

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I tried every recommended check/test and nothing worked, including the “mode” changes.
As a last resort I unplugged the Ring Chime and plugged it back in - that worked! Ring plug in stick up cam now back on line.
Note the Ring Doorbell worked fine all through the two days the stick up cam showed “streaming error”.

I was having the same problem. My fix was to reset the unit and start the install process again. This time I unplugged the power chord and installed a fully charged battery first. I did not use the scan barcode feature but instead manually selected the “Stick Up Cam Battery” device. Went through all the setup prompts and tested the device with the battery installed. Live view mode and other features now worked. Next, plugged in the power adapter to the back of the unit and the app then stated it detected the “solar power” setting. From there just removed the battery. Unit works great now. Hope this helps.

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Here’s the fix!
From the dashboard on ring app:
Click the icon that shows no connection to the cam ( if I recall correctly, it looks like a WiFi signal,red, with a diagonal line through it indicating no signal).
Next, when asked if your WiFi or password has changed… Just say yes, even if it hasn’t. You’ll then be prompted to open the bottom of the camera and hold down the button. This will reset the cam and you’ll then just need to give it your WiFi info and password to reconnect it.
That’s it. You’re welcome. Stupid problem ugh.