Stick up cam stops detecting motion

My stick up cam (only one week old) stopped detecting motion and I had to reset it three times over the past two days. The last time I held the reset button for 30 seconds and also took the battery out and replaced it. Is this a regular problem or could there be a fault in my camera? Thanks

Is it actually not detecting motion or is it the app not reporting the motion ?

Guess it’s hard to determine which it is?

Id try logging out of the apps and logging back in or even uninstalling app and trying that next time.

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Thanks. The blue light didn’t flash and I didn’t receive any notification via the app.

Hey @NeilR. When you don’t see the blue light and you’re not getting notifications, does the device show as offline in the Ring app? There may be some network restrictions that are preventing the device from staying connected, resulting it in simply not working like you’ve seen. If you can, please review our Ports and Protocols here and ensure the settings are as they should be to ensure the device stays connected. Let us know if this helps!


I’ve got exactly the same problem - I have a Stickup Cam Plugin, that’s just suddenly stopped detecting motion, I thought it was a faulty camera however so contacted Amazon. The original camera was running since last October and around 14th April suddenly stopped motion detections.

I called Amazon and have just received the latest stickup cam plugin, I’ve installed it, run through the setup - updated the software and it still doesn’t detect motion. Subsequently, I’ve reset the camera and run the setup again, again it wants to update the software which I thought was unusual. Still, it doesn’t detect motion.

I have four other Ring cameras that all work fine, so the problem isn’t ports. I can get a live view on this camera just no motion detection.

In addition to this, its also showing the ‘critically low’ battery message, although it is a Stick Up Cam Plugin - and has a wired connection! Is the critically low battery issue stopping motion detection?

Any ideas?

I’ve just answered my own question on this one, I’m guessing around about mid-April there has been a software update which is when my ‘Plugin’ stick up camera stopped detecting motion.

It’s fully wired however is now showing this critical battery issues which is on another post. The camera is effectively shutting down motion detection as it thinks it’s running out of battery!

I’ve just borrowed the battery from my doorbell cam, and the motion then works fine! Once I remove it, critical battery error and the motion stops.

Problem is for me, this wasn’t an area that I used for motion alerts as its an internal camera so it’s taken me 2 weeks to notice.

A quick fix is that I’ve ordered an additional battery to turn my ‘plugin’ camera to a battery camera with wired charging, not great!

Will there be a software update?

I have deleted and reloaded the app and also held the reset button for 30 seconds, removed the battery and set up again from scratch.
Seems to be working OK the past two days so will see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback.

Great to hear, mine doesn’t have a battery and is meant to be wired, so it looks like its the critical battery issue which is on another post.

Hey @trigger2007. You’re exactly right, the error that you see in the app is something we have pinpointed in another thread, and is something that our team is working on removing from the app to avoid confusion with other neighbors. I applaud you for preforming this troubleshooting and putting the battery in for it to start working again, this is awesome news!

I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams, as well as the team that is working on the critical battery error in the app. Feel free to comment in the critically low battery error thread here, so you can get updated when we have a fix live for it! Thank you to other neighbors as well in this thread! You all are rockstars and make the Community great. :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon. The camera has stopped detecting motion again. It is showing that it is online in the app and the health check is good.
Any other suggestions please.

Also Firmware is up to date and the signal strength is Good.

I have (for the fourth time) reset by holding the reset button for 30 seconds and also removed the battery and replaced it. It has started working again.

This is very frustrating. Is is possible my camera has a fault and needs replacing? I have just received a second camera and also have ordered a solar panel. Very reluctant to install the second one at this stage and wondering whether I have made the right choice with this product?

@NeilR Did you ensure you reviewed the ports and protocols on your router’s setting to ensure everything is configured properly in order to have the device stay connected? I recommend making sure you get these settings adjusted with your ISP and then verify that the device is working by trying to active your Live View or ensure a motion event is recorded and put into your event history. You can monitor it over a couple days once things are stable to ensure it’s still working before setting up your new devices! If this device continues to fail and fall offline, resulting in not working at all, please give our support team a call here so they can take a more in-depth look at your device!

Thanks. My computer skills are very basic so not confident of beign able to do this. I will need some help but difficult in the current situation (lockdown). Is there a step-by-step process to follow for me to review the ports etc?

@NeilR No worries at all! I will even admit that it can be a bit more advanced for me as well. I recommend giving your ISP (internet service provider) a call, letting them know you need to ensure certain ports and opened and firewalls are set as they should be to address the concern you are having. You can share this article with them and they can go off of what we have in here (should be all they need) or you can let them know these ones listed in the article specifically need to be addressed:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 5.54.18 PM.png

Took those straight from the article here for you! Same one I shared before. :smiley_cat:

My ISP has made the change to the port as noted. I have installed the second camera and reset the original. Hoping it will stay working this time!

I have similar problems with my 2 stick up cams battery: Live view becomes unavailable and recordings are stopped. The Device Health report always gives a clean bill of health, wi-fi strength is always good, the app and firmware are up to date. The problem is resolved by removing the battery and reinserting it. This has happened 8 times between the 2 cameras in past 2 weeks and after resolving the problem, the camera will perform OK for between 24 and 72 hours.

The whole problem with Rings Stick ups and doorbells (i have both) is they are so inconsistant with their motion detection, yesterday was a classic example, my stick up alerted me to motion and i checked and seen a cat on my driveway, 15 mins later my wife drives up the same driveway in a 4x4 and no alerts ! Doorbell detects motion from a DPD driver AFTER he rang the bell and on the way out, sometimes it detects them arriving, othertimes not.

I have made the change to the port via my ISP and rebooted both cameras and reinstalled the App. The system worked for 2 days but last night it activated the camera when detecting motion (blue light came on) but did not record the motion on the app. Next morning it recorded motion but did not notifiy me on my phone app. I uninstalled and reloaded the app and it is back working. Is there an optimal set of settings I should be using?

My camera works great and I love it, but yesterday, it detected motion of me leaving the house around 3:00 and coming back in the driveway around 5:00. I had 2 UPS packages waiting to be picked up and it did not detect the UPS truck and/or driver walking right up to where the packages were and picking them up. I’m stumped as to why that would be.


My solar panel was installed two days ago and has lifted the charge on the battery from 63% to 100% in that short time. Does the panel just trickle charge the battery now and can it be overcharged if it is kept at 100% continuosly???