Stick up cam solid blue light come on when no one is watching it


Has anyone experienced the same issue?

The stick up cam came on in the middle of the night when no one is watching into the camera (motion detection is off). And the solid blue light will goes off after I spotted/looked into it

This happened several times, it stopped for a period of time after I changed the wifi and app password. And it just happened again

I am really concerned about the safety of using these cameras. I thought it would be safer to use these cameras around the house, but it seems the other way round

I’ve had this too lately with some of my cameras. There is no recording/live view event in the app so not sure what the cause it. I generally have to remove and reinsert the battery to get this back to normal.


This is still occurring with my stickup cams. I saw on another thread that someone called Ring and they recommended a reset of the camera. I’ve also been told in the past that this forces a firmware update (despite the app showing firmware is up to date). I’ll reset my cameras tomorrow to test.