Stick Up Cam Solar

This device has just been used for one month, and suddenly it can’t work at around 10: 00 this morning. The App shows that the power is sufficient and the network is normal. This device is placed outdoors, charged by solar energy, and has a back battery inside. There is also a Spotlight Cam Wired in my garage, which works well with the same network.

Have you tried to do a hard “Factory Reset” on the Stick-up cam? I used it after one of my outdoor Stick-Up cams stopped working during the night (discovered when past time events showed no Snapshots where taken after 2am and no ability to see "Live View’). It too showed it’s “Heath” was good & everything was fine, but it wasn’t. Other than this one glitch, after the hard reset it has been working fine.

Hold the Orange reset button for least 30 seconds while power is on it. Before you scan the ‘code’, check to see if your phone app is still displaying this Stick-up cam and if it is still displayed, remove/delete it off your app. After you have released the orange button, the cam should enter set up mode again. Note: When the cam enters the phase of Updating it’s firmware, don’t do anything … even if it says it is ready! Wait until your phone app steps on it’s own to the next part of the step up and check the Blue Cam light is no longer flashing, … and then wait a minute longer. I’ve just had better luck waiting … I’m just guessing, but I think the firmware update can take longer than expected ( I’ve waited over 6 minutes) and I’ve had less future camera issues by waiting long enough before continuing the set up, since the firmware still might be downloading. It’s just a gut feel … at least I’ve had better luck & less future issues with my cams by waiting (I have quite a few cams).

I hope the hard reset helps you.

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