Stick up cam Solar WiFi issues

Hello everyone!

I am getting very frustrated with my cameras… I currently have 2 solar stick up cams, doorbell pro, and the bridge fit a solar floodlight(going to add a 2nd soon)…

My solar stick up camera in the front yard(as it’s labeled) is constantly going from a -54ish RSSI to a -74ish RSSI. Nothing changes on my network, I even put on of my WiFi Mesh towers in the garage less than 15’ from the camera itself… am I missing something? Doing something wrong? Is there a setting I need to change on my Mesh WiFi system?(netgear nighthawk M60) I’m going crazy over here!

Thanks for any and all help!

Hi @R3dbullz90. It sounds like there may be some interference that is causing the RSSI to fluctuate. What is the surface that it is mounted to? If the signal has to pass through a lot of metal or dense building materials, it could cause this to happen. You can also try using a Chime Pro. This is designed to work as a wifi extender that is specific to Ring Devices, and will improve the quality of signal that goes to your Stick Up Cam. I hope this information helps!

It is mounted to a concrete wall. The closest tower is approximately 3’ up and 7’ over from the camera and is on a window ledge and the 2nd floor is a wood frame not concrete. As soon as I reset the router the camera will have a fantastic signal and then it will just drop to terrible signal. I didn’t have this issue the first 2-3 months I had the camera but now it’s a constant reset of my router everyday almost. Nothing else in my house has a drop in signal only the front camera. Not the back yard or doorbell pro. Just the front stick up cam.

Hi @R3dbullz90. The concrete wall can potentially be causing wifi interference. Additionally, since rebooting your wifi router seems to temporarily improve the signal, it might be a good idea to contact your ISP to see if there are any update available for your router. You can also try optimizing the ports and protocols your Ring devices uses. I hope this helps!