Stick up Cam Solar Extension Cable

I have 2 cameras with side by side solar panels. One needed an extension cable. The one with the ext cable loses it’s charge quickly. The one without remains at 100%. Should the ext cable diminish the charge?

Hi @user81969. An extension cable shouldn’t diminish the charge. I’d recommend checking that all of the cables are properly connected. Additionally, check the Event History of the Ring Camera with the extension cable to see if it is recording more activity than the other camera, which would contribute to the battery draining more quickly.

Connections are fine. The one with the battery draining actually is set up with more conservative battery usage than the other which is at 100%.

@user81969. The next troubleshooting step you can try is to reboot the Stick Up Cam using the reboot option on the Device Health page. If the battery still seems to be draining much more quickly than expected, you can fully reset the camera by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. After that, walk through a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Should the issue still persist, our support team can take a deeper look.