Stick up cam sirens NOT triggering with alarm activation

Has anyone else had this issue? Right now, it’s been escalated by Ring support.

We have two stick up cams and a spotlight pro. We recently installed the Ring alarm system and it works great, except the sirens do not trigger on the stick up cams with alarm activation.

We’ve already made sure siren trigger and video recording trigger were both active in the base station settings in the app (when the alarm activates, the stick up cams should record video and their sirens should sound). We’ve found the video records, but the sirens fail to sound. For the spotlight pro, it functions as intended.

We have also tried deactivating both the video recording and siren options, saving, and then re-enabling, and saving again. This made no difference. Oh, and the sirens do indeed work when manually triggered in live view.

Does anyone have any advice or have found themselves with a similar issue?

Hi @Astrologian. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I see that you’ve already contacted our support team and they have escalated this concern. I will share you sentiment here with my team and I would suggest that you continue to follow up with out support team on your open support escalation.