Stick Up Cam rename problem?

I recently purchased several of the latest 3rd generation Stick Up Cams Battery. They were working fine when I decided to place one in a different room. I did a rename in the app and it seemed to go fine. Then I noticed the next day the camera was offline. The battery had been at 90% so just in case I swapped it out for a fully charged one. Still ofline. I then pressed the orange button and reconfigured. It connected, but it then went to “updating” and hung there. I then did a factory reset and the same thing happened. Finally I did everything over - remove the camera from the app; factory reset the camera, and then add everything back. It now seems to be working fine. Fingers crossed. Is this a known issue?

Hey @Rich1. Thank you for providing a detailed explanation of what you experienced and what steps you took to resolve the concern. When the Camera was moved, there was likely some intermittent interference in the wifi signal it was receiving, so it couldn’t automatically reconnect after dropping the signal. This isn’t an issue specific to Ring devices and can happen due to the nature of how wifi signals work. It sounds like removing the Camera, resetting it, and setting it back up resolved the concern for you, so you should be good to go moving forward. Feel free to provide an update should anything else come up. :slight_smile: