Stick up cam recording delay + other issues

Hi all,

I’ve recently purchased a ring alarm plus security cam system for my house. Traditionally I use a locally available alarm and a Hikvision system with NVR.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed major flaws with the cameras.

  1. No 24/7 recording. This is an issue because the motion detection range is very small, only a few meters. My property is 30000 square feet or 2750 square metres. If motion is outside the initial 5-8 meters, there is no recording. So even though the camera can see roughly a quarter or my yard, if someone was to hop the fence, I’ll never know unless they walk directly into the camera and get within a few meters. With 24/7 recording, I will atleast have a visual which I can view later to see the events. With ring, too bad, you get nothing at all. There’s been many cases of wanting to look at old records for locating a missing pet, helping out a neighbour etc. Ring just doesn’t cut it for these applications.

  2. The time between motion detection and the start of recording is delayed. I have cameras viewing the street outside and a car driving past, is just caught in the last few frames of the recording. In many cases, if I were to run fast enough past the camera, i can actually avoid being seen at all.

  3. The start of a second recording after the 1st finishes, takes far too long to start recording even with motion always enabled. If I were to trigger a cameras motion, wait for the recording to end and then run past, the camera wouldn’t see me because there an inactive period. With the lovely blue light on the front, it’s very easily to tell what’s going on if I was an intruder.

  4. If your WiFi is down for just a second, you get no recordings. The WiFi NEEDS to be active so any intruder can easily cut the fiber line from the street side and you can say goodbye to all your future recordings.

It seems as if the ring camera system was designed for small homes or apartments with very low security in mind. The app and remote access is great but the lack of recording options limits this device to a baby monitor.

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Hi @IamTeknik. Thank you for this feedback. There are a few things I can address here.

  1. We have a Feature Request for 24/7 streaming here. I suggest adding interest to that post and upvoting that Feature Request.

  2. If you are experiencing a significant delay in your recording, a good place to start would be to look at the RSSI of your device. A low RSSI can decrease the responsiveness of your Motion Detection. You can also adjust your Motion Settings to help with detection.

  3. If you often have periods where your WiFi is down, I suggest looking into the Ring Alarm Pro. This is a Ring Alarm with a built in Eero system. It has backup battery and WiFi with a Ring Protect Subscription. You can learn more here.