Stick up cam pro wired

Hello, I have a stick up cam pro wired version and I found that it records only for the allotted time in the video settings and then stops recording regarding of ongoing activation. It then goes to sleep and doesn’t reactivate for a couple of minutes. I spent over an hour with Ring Support sending them videos et cetera and they eventually sent me out a new camera. Unfortunately the new camera does exactly the same I have full fibre WiFi with an R/S of 55 Any ideas? Thanks, Simon.

Hi @user60085. What is your Video Recording Length set for in the Ring app? After an event is recorded, it will take a few moments to process the video before your Camera can record a new event. Have you tried triggering a test motion event after the previous event has finished processing?

Hello it’s now at 120 seconds. The replacement camera works exactly the same way as the one that was faulty. It picks up movement and records for the length of time setting video settings normally article 20 seconds.

At the end of the set duration it just stops recording despite the fact that motion is still happening in front of it. It then takes at least two minutes before it starts recording for a second time. This is clearly not an acceptable solution and I’m concerned that two brand-new cameras are working this way.

Is there a bad batch of cameras or is it a fault on all of them. I’m going to contact technical support again, but I want my money back if it can’t be improved. It would be great to know that this doesn’t happen to everybody else’s camera.?