Stick up Cam power cable SHOULD BE SOLD Separately!

Have 2 stick up cams. 1st one is battery-operated, just got the second one this time with a power cord. After installing the power cord I realized that the battery-operated one would work better if it had a power cord. Well, guess what you CAN’T BUY a power cord separately. So currently the only way I can have the second cam have constant power is to BUY ANOTHER STICK UP CAM at $100 each. I REALLY SUCKS when companies put stunts like this. It makes me caution someone else from purchasing your products.

STICK UP CAM POWER CABLE SHOULD BE SOLD SEPERATELY. Heading to FB. Insta & Twitter to complain so more.

You can buy an indoor/outdoor power cable but its a steep £35 here in the UK

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