Stick Up Cam Plug-In Unable to "complete the final setup steps"

Just finished installing my new Ring Stick Up cam by plugging it in and following the setup steps…except the “final setup steps”, since when I touch that button on my iPhone, nothing further happens. I called Ring Support and after talking to a lady with poor English, she asked me to call back in 10 minutes. I’d rather not. Any thoughts on how to proceed? My thought is to unplug it and start over, but not sure what the ramifications are.

Hi @fijidad, could you attach a screenshot of the page in the app that you are stuck on? Knowing exactly where this is will help us pinpoint the best course of action for you going forward. Additionally, you can always remove the device from your Ring account and re-setup the device without any ramifications. Hope to hear back from you soon!

I did delete this camera, reinstalled it and it still didn’t work, so was directed to push the reset button on the camera…which was a pain, since I’m an old guy and had to climb a ladder to get to it. But did all that and finally got it to work. Worked fine when I went to bed. Now it “Can’t open live view. Please try again.” And again, and again, but it still won’t open up. I’m beginning to wonder if I have a lemon. Supposed to be plug and play. This one didn’t get the memo.

@fijidad Looks like we were so close to getting it fixed and running, so I’m sorry to hear you ran into this speed bump! To make your life easier, I recommend reaching out to our support team here. They can take a deeper look into your account to see why the Live View may not be loading, so please let me know what they were able to do for you. Hope to hear back soon :slight_smile:

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After a few more tries, it is now working as it should. I have no idea why it was not working correctly before. At one point it said “not connected to the internet”, but when I checked device health, it said it was connected. Once it said my phone signal was weak. Hopefully this is not conntected to my phone but to my wireless network. When I check device health, it said it was connected to my network. Much more confusing that it should be. This is the 5th Ring device I’ve added, and it has been the only one to give me problems.

@fijidad Ah, this makes more sense! You are right, it is connected to your home network that you connected it to during the first time setup, so no worries on that. If you got an error message saying that you phone’s signal was weak, it just means that the mobile data from your phone or wifi connection you were using at the time had a weak connection to your phone. This happens from time to time if you’re in a “dead zone” in your home, or if the connection is being taken up elsewhere (other apps open, on the phone, etc). Sounds like you should be good from here on out!

I’ve decided to return this Stick Up Cam…it is either defective or Ring has more to do to make this camera more robust so that it actually works in an outside location. I’ve read other reports on the internet, and it seems this device is not as capable as claimed, and not as capable as other Ring devices.

Here’s how I know: I purchased a more expensive Ring Spot Light camera and installed it in the exact same location as the stick up cam, and it works flawlessly. Every time.