Stick Up Cam Plug-in doesn't have Motion zones customization.

Hi All.

It is just to inform that these cameras are plug-in and not the “wired” devices. I contacted US customer support by telephone trying to fix the following issues:

*Camera offline due 0% battery, although the camera is plugged in to the outlet.

*Only 3 pre-setup motion areas without customization features, person detections only etc etc.

Results: The RING agent told me that Stick up cam wired are NOT the same than Stick up cam plug in. These cameras (plug in) are new generation but they don’t have any customization features. Practically… The firmware had been degraded but upgraded. Another issue… I asked the agent to find the location and price of the famous Stick up cam wired on the online shop. His answer was: The “wired” are the same than the “Stick up cam Elite”… Clearly he didd not have a clue…

Conclusion: The Stick up Cam “wired” have an option to customize the motion zones and ranges, detect only persons ,etc. However this camera doesn’t exist in the actual RING Market. The RING indoor cam have customizable motion areas and better features being cheaper than the Stick up devices!

Note: Look on the below article… Do not think you own a powered ring device if you have a Stick up PLUG IN cam…