Stick up cam online but no lights on front and no recording


We installed a new wired stick up cam on Saturday, it has been working fine and I was really impressed. Now less than 48 hours in, it says that it is online but the motion detection is not working, I can’t see anything in live view and there is nothing in history after 7.30am this morning. An appliance tripped our fuse box at 7.30am this morning and I suspect it was the camera, after resetting the fuse box all other electrics are working fine again, just the camera isn’t doing anything.

Has anyone got any ideas or is it a dud camera? Given that it has been installed for less than 2 days I’m quite disappointed.

UPDATE - I have reset the camera and it is working fine again, is this likely to keep happening?!

Many thanks

Hi @Flis. It is possible that this happened because of your Cameras network connection. What is the RSSI for your Stick Up Cam? If it is too low, I would recommened getting a Chime Pro to improve the signal. Glad to hear it is working properly now!