STICK UP cam on Stucco

Hello and thanks for reading this-

I have a house that has Stucco- rough surface- on surface, as well as the soffits.

I am asking has any found a work around for the stick mount? I thinking it wont stick to well to my Stucco house here in Florida.

Thank You

Hi @Libirm. Iā€™m not super familiar with stucco, but had a similar like surface on my walls in my home. For my Stick Up Cam, I found that putting masonry **nails into the tiny holes that are in the mount made it easy for the Stick Up Cam to stay in the place that I wanted it, so I could then move the Cam around to face where I needed it to. Just wanted to pass on my suggestion for you and give the post a little bump! :smiley_cat: **

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