Stick up cam offline, LED on, no video/live view

I setup a stickup camera (battery) in my hallway two days ago. It’s setup for motion for when we’re out of the house using the Modes feature. Today, I saw the blue LED on, which I thought meant it was recording (or being viewed in Live View). However, motion detection was off, mode was still in “Home” mode, and no one in the house was viewing the camera via app. My phone and our echo show are currently the only authorized devices for viewing cameras. The camera timeline shows no recorded video for the last two days (when I last tested it). Also, the app says the camera is offline and I was unable to even access Live View.

How is the light on, camera offline, and no record of video in the timeline?

I’ve been very satisfied with our Ring doorbell, but this product has me concerned about our privacy.

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Hi @jagg ! Could you please give us a bit more information? What is the blue light doing (i.e. on, flashing, etc). Also, can you please confirm your device is online and you are still receiving notifications? Thanks!

It’s solid blue. I took out the battery since I wasn’t sure what it was doing. I just plugged it back in. Light is blue again. Ring app says it’s offline and not capturing video. Tried to do reconnect, but asked if WiFi password changed, but it hasn’t. Will try to reboot later when internet unused.

Ok thanks- keep me posted :slight_smile:

I am running into the same issue. 2 out of 4 devices . Ring Stick uo cam Elite. stopped going live. Solid Blue. Tried the orange button but no change. This has happened on both devices after being successfully installed and running for a few days.

Hi, Was this ever resolved?

I am having the exact issue with 2 out of 4 cameras (Ring Stick up cam Elite).

I’m having the same issues two out of four showing me video views and I can’t figure out what the problem is and everything is online is giving me history but it’s not giving me video of you when you go to the dashboard

Hey neighbors. For this concern, I would try to perform a reset on the camera and reconnect it to wifi. To perform a reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once the camera reboots, you can reconnect it to wifi. The camera will then do a quick update and should resume normal function. I hope this helps!