Stick-up Cam Occasional Low Resolution Video

I have recently installed a stick-up cam plug-in. I’ve set it up to capture snapshots every 30s. The snapshots are always 640x360 which I understand to be correct (unfortunately). Video is 1920x1080 as expected and usually looks good too. However I am finding occasionally that video is low quality on par with the snapshot quality even though the downloaded video files are still 1920x1080. The video is low quality both as seen in the Ring app and when downloaded. I’ve seen this problem in motion, person detected, and live video. I’ve tried rebooting the camera which made no difference.

Here are some comparison crops from a snapshot picture, snapshot video, and both a bad and good example of a motion video, all downloaded from the Ring android app. You can see that the quality of the bad example of the motion video looks essentially the same as the snapshots even though the downloaded video is 1920x1080 whereas the good motion video is properly 1920x1080.

I don’t think this problem is caused by any network issues with my setup. I have full fibre to my home with 100Mbps both down and up. The camera is very near to the wifi router and reports green RSSI-43. The stick-up cam has been setup from new as outdoors wired. I also have a floodlight cam wired pro which is set up similarly to take snapshots every 30s (which are also 640x360 too unfortunately) and I haven’t observed any video quality issues with it, they are always excellent.

My best guess is that the stick-up cam firmware has a bug meaning it sometimes fails to properly switch from the 640x360 resolution used while capturing snapshots to the 1920x1080 resolution when it starts a video or live view. However it’s also in the back of my mind that the camera may be faulty. I’ve noticed that every 1-2s the picture goes a bit blurry almost like it’s re-focussing, my floodlight cam wired pro doesn’t do this either.

Anyone know whether this is a known bug with the stick-up cam or whether my camera may be faulty?

Thanks for your help,

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Hi @i-am-andrew. It could be intermittent wifi interference since it is not happening all the time. One thing you could try is to create a guest network utilizing only 2.4GHz, and connect the Stick Up Cam to that guest network. Test out of this improves the stability of the connection for your Stick Up Cam and reduces any video quality concerns. We also have some video quality troubleshooting steps here. If this continues to be an issue after trying out a guest network and reviewing the troubleshooting tips I shared, the next best step is to follow up with our support team. They can take a deeper dive into this issue in order to find a solution.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried using a 2.4Ghz-only guest network but unfortunately it didn’t improve things which in some ways doesn’t surprise because it has an excellent wifi and internet connection. My floodlight cam has a much poorer wifi connection (RSSI-67+ instead of the RSSI-43 that the stickup cam has) and I haven’t noticed the issue with that camera. The other trouble shooting steps were either not appropriate or only suggested a poor wifi connection.

I was getting near to the end of the return period so I replaced the stickup cam and the new one seems much better. I’ve been scanning through the videos and have only noticed one with the low resolution issue out of probably hundreds that I’ve checked over the past three weeks.

I have noticed that every 1-2 seconds the picture seems to change slightly like it’s resetting the frame like the previous stickup cam did too which is quite irritating (and as mentioned the floodlight cam does not seem to do this either). But the low resolution motion videos are essentially no longer an issue so unless it was a server issue it seems to have been a hardware problem after all.

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Im having the same issue, were you ever able to get it resolved?