Stick up cam not updating firmware

Hi all
I have a couple of Stick up cams and a doorbell pro.
The doorbell and one cam say up to date on the firmware but the one in the back garden connected by Ethernet not WiFi using POE has a firmware version listed 2.1.01005.
How do I get this camera to update its firmware? The help guides say it will update itself but it is not happening.
Anyone know how you can do this.

Hi @AndyN. Although your camera does not say “Up to Date” for the firmware, it will eventually push through this firmware later on when the camera is ready for it. Have you been experiencing any loss of functionality with the camera? If the camera is working as normal and as intended, I wouldn’t pay any mind to the firmware version at this time.

Hi and thanks for the reply. No functionality issues it was just my other stick up cam connected via WiFi updated quite a while ago just wondered why this one had not. I will ignore it for a while and see what happens.

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Hey @AndyN both my DB Pro and Wired Stickup cam have been both sitting on this same firmware version as yours ( 2.1.01005 ) since about Dec 10th. I called into support the other day for something unrelated, and she advised that IS the current version even though it doesn’t state “Up to date.” This contradicts every help article on Rings site which states if it shows a version, it’s NOT up to date, so who knows…

In the end, both cameras are working fine so I’m not overly concerned about it.