Stick Up Cam Not Showing Live View


I have a Stick Up Cam and Ring Doorbell 2 on the same network and both are about the same distance from the router.

The Doorbell 2 is working fine but the Stick Up Cam has not been working since 20:00 last night. The Cam is showing Signal Strength of RSSI-51. I’m unable to activate Live View and Motion Detection is not working.

My broadband speed is below:

Download 62.25 Mbps

Upload 17.25 Mbps

I’ve retarted the router several times and this hasn’t made the slightest bit of difference.

Hey @Alive_Inside. I would recommend trying to reset the Stick Up Cam and walking through a new setup just to refresh its connection with the Ring App and with your home wifi network. You can complete a reset by holding down the setup button on the Camera for at least 20 seconds. After that’s done, you’ll want to navigate to the Device Health screen and select the Reconnect to Wi-Fi option to get it reconnected. You may also want to check out our Community Post on Live View not connecting here, as it has quite a few helpful tips and suggestions on how to determine why the Live View may not be working.