Stick Up Cam not sensitive enough

Hi all,

I have a one month old 2nd gen Stick Up Camera and I’m already wondering if there is a better product I can upgrade to. I’m just not getting the sensitivity I need. I have a walking path about 100 feet down a hill from my 2nd story deck where the wired cam is mounted. (picture attached). We’re having a problem with motorcycles using the path but the cam won’t capture them (or anything else on the path), even at max settings. I’ve added a wifi-extender and also tried tilting the cam to ensure a more horizontal view but no luck. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @Bill-A! It sounds like this path might be too far for motion zones to reach. Check out our help center article about how the Stick Up Cam detects motion, which states it can detect as far as 30 feet.

Depending on factors such as mounting height, this range can vary. If there is an area closer where you can mount a Camera, this would be the best bet to covering a location that far. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: