Stick up cam- not recognizing solar panel

Up for 2 yrs no probs. Had to unhook panel cord to move. Rehook-up and works just fine. But shows working off of battery. Reset- removed-charged battery and re did above. Still shows working off battery. Please help.

Hi @Jeff242! When you moved the solar panel, did you move it to an area where it may not be getting enough light? Make sure that where it’s at now, that it gets four or more hours of direct sunlight each day, and that there is no dust or dirt covering the panel. Lastly, make sure that the plug is securely put in and that there is also no dirt and dust in that area too.

If possible, please monitor the battery life of the camera for the next couple days. See how it is in the morning and then night time. The battery should either stay charged or improve during times of direct sunlight. Please note that the battery life can also depend on strength to your router and usage of said device. You can check out our Community post for more information about battery drainage here.