Stick Up Cam Not Picking Up Motion

Just bought and installed a Ring Stick Up Cam in our first floor window overlooking our driveway but we are not getting any motion detection, can anyone help?

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Is your Stick-Up Cam inside your home – facing outward through a window?

If the answer is “yes”… I don’t think most security cameras currently on the market are designed to be used through a window.


As mentioned you will have issues trying to use it through glass. It’s just not going to work properly.


Thanks for the replies
So why does it have an option when you install it to say looking through window?

I think what that setting does is turn off the IR light at night to stop IR glare. However it is never going to be as good looking through a window as it would be with an unobstructed view as the glass is still a barrier and can cause all sorts of reflections and abnormalities.

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Thanks bemak187, I though I would try it but it obviously doesnt work, we had a Neos Smartcam which picked up car movement but not people, we want something that could pick up possible “intruders” lol, Ring also say the Stick Up cam should be installed at 5-7 feet which would make it easily “nicakable” so doesnt sound like the ideal solution

The ring spotlight cam has a suggested mounting height of 9 feet. It is more expensive though.

Yeah I saw that didnt want to spend a fortune though lol

To be honest the stick up cam should be ok at the recommended height as if anyone was going to mess with it they would be recorded.