Stick-up cam not holding charge like it did first year


We’ve had our stick-up camera for about two years. The first year and a half, we charged it about every six months. This was great! But now, for the last 6 months, the charge lasts barely 3 months. Nothing has changed in our wifi service or common activities that we know of. The settings are the same as when we started. Is this just a sign of overall battery life and we need to get a new battery every 1.5 years or so? Any thing else to consider?


Hi @JPBern. There are various factors that can affect the battery life, including the weather and the amount of activity the Stick Up Cam is recording. We have some information and troubleshooting steps on unexpected battery drain here that may help. Additionally, very cold weather can negatively impact the performance of lithium-ion batteries, such as the ones used in Ring devices.