Stick up cam not charging

My stick up cam is no longer charging and the solar panel also does not

Hi @Yarlkorg! Which model of Stick Up Cam do you have? The best first step will be to try different Micro USB chords if possible, and also trying to charge on different outlets in your home. Let us know if this worked! :slight_smile:

We have the first generation stick up cam, it was at 1% battery, we took it down to charge (charged for full day) and we went to put it back up and it wasn’t charged. we went ahead and tried different chargers and outlets and it won’t charge at all, the white light on back doesn’t do anything. We need a replacement asap as we use this for security for our driveway. Please reply asap.

Hi @mburleigh120 - when you say ‘the white light was doing nothing’, do you mean it wasn’t turning on or flashing or what? Also, we do not have the ability to offere replacements on this Community forum. You’ll need to get in touch with our support team by calling 800-656-1918. Please note, you must be within warranty for a replacement. Thank you