Stick Up Cam Noise

Hi, New on here so be gentle with me.

I have two Stick Up Cam Wired, one in the kitchen and one at the top of the stairs. Every now they will throw a hissy fit and decide to deafen us with load Static noise coming from the speaker. It seems to happen when sometimes it is recording, but also when there is nothing in the room to activate the camera. Any ideas?

I have looked on here and there are posts ref recording static I dont know if these are the same issue. Also from these posts for information there is no electrics withing 35 - 40 cm of the unit so I think I can rule that being an issue.

This is an odd event to hear about @Herbhead. Good call checking for electronic interference nearby! As this is happening on both devices, I recommend checking network signal strength next. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing wifi signal strength to your Ring devices.

Please also ensure there are not shared users or additional mobile devices that you may have granted access to, that might be answering an event or triggering a live view. If this is happening on answered videos, keep in mind that too close of proximity between phone and Camera can certainly cause an echo or feedback. Try power cycling the cams by removing and reapplying power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ok, something I did not mention in my original post. One Camera is in the Kitchen, on top of one of the cabinets, the Landing one is ceiling mounted.

This evening both units made the same static noise within about 30 minutes of each other. My better half was in the kitchen at the time with her phone but would of been standing a good 8 foot away from the camera.

Then again I was upstairs when the landing unit went off later, I did have my ipad with me but again I was a good 10 feet away from the unit.

Signal strength on both units is good, looking in device health for each unit the landing is Green RSSI-51 and the kitchen Green RSSI-49.

I also have a Stick Up Cam Battery outside my back door, which is further from my router than both the other cameras and this never has this issue.

I managed to record it tonight, the kitchen Camera does it more than the Landing Camera.

Hey @Herbhead. Chiming in for Marley! Could you try compressing the MP4 video you have of this static sound into a ZIP file? You will be able to attach a ZIP file so we can take a look into this to see what static you are referencing! In addition, if you upload the video to Youtube or another file sharing platform, you can share the link with us here. :slight_smile:

Sorry I thought the ppt would include the sound. ZIP attached, hopefully it works for you.

@Herbhead This works perfectly for me, and plays that static sound very loudly. This would drive me crazy too! This video, along with knowing your RSSI shows that this may be a device concern. Before we jump ahead, I recommend moving to our support team via phone here. They will take a look into your specific devices on your account that are doing this to do advanced troubleshooting with you to determine the best next steps. Please let me know how this goes, as your resolution may help other neighbors that run into this!