Stick Up Cam No Wired Power

I have a stick up cam that says it stopped receiving power and says solar status is connected, but I don’t have a solar panel. It will disappear after a few hours but reappear again a few days later. This has been an ongoing issue since April, when there was a bug in the app that showed the last health check back on 12/31/69.

I brought the camera inside temporarily because my house is getting pressure washed but it still says it’s not getting power and still shows it’s connected to solar power. The battery had remained constantly at 100% while the camera was outside but now it’s at 88%.

In addition, the battery inside the camera is stuck inside. I’ve been trying to push on the handle and wiggle the battery out but it won’t move. While trying to get it out, I accidentally pressed the reset button and had to set it back up again. When finished, it still said it wasn’t receiving electrical power and was connected to solar power. I had previously posted and called about the stuck battery in November and was supposed to get a replacement camera but never did.

There is no known electrical issue in my house, as I tried out both electrical outlets where the camera was (and is temporarily) plugged in with my phone charger and it worked. I will not have time to call until tomorrow evening but in the meantime, any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi @Danny8890. Your concern about it not detecting being wired sounds similar to the concern other neighbors had in this Community post. There is a marked solution in that post as well. As for your replacement, we cannot look into that here in the Community, so following up with our support team on that is the best step to take.

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