Stick up cam no longer connecting/activating

I recieved the email warning stating I needed to change my battery in my stick up cam. The battery was at 19%. I changed the battery and the blue light on the unit came on and went off as normal. However, when I went to access live view on the app, it timed out and said it was unable to connect. In total I tried 4 fully charged batteries, and it is still not able to connect. I checked for app updates, there were none.

This stick up cam is only a few months old, it should not be having an issue.

How can I fix this? Thank you.

Bought a three camera battery operated system from Costco two days ago… Charged batteries and cameras worked fine. One camera showed battery not charged, so recharged it again. Now that camera will not connect.continues to say problem with internet, but other two cameras are working.

any ideas?

I was able to get it working!

I had to set up the camera all over again, which I shouldn’t have to do, but it worked. So if you set up your current camera as a brand new camera, that might help you too!

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This is total BS…!
Every time I change the battery, I have to factory reset my stickup cameras. I am fed up with Ring. I have 6 cameras I’m about to sell on eBay