Stick up cam motion zones

Why can’t I access the motion zones or range settings for my stick up cam in the app like I can with my door bell? Everything I have read online and in the help pages has told me I should be able to but every time I try the options are not even there.

Hi @MarkH ! Can you please confirm which Doorbell and which Camera you have? If one is powered, while the other runs off battery, they will have different motion settings. Let me know which devices you have and then we can further assist!

I have a ring video doorbell that is hardwired and a stick up cam that is powered by battery.

Got it! Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: These devices will warrant different motion settings. The powered device will give you the ability to customize your zones, were the battery are pre-defined. You can learn more about your motion zones in theDevice Tips and Tricks section of the Community!

My stick up cam used to have motion zone but is the last app update August 2020 it’s now disappeared from the app. The only option it gives now is to turn a section of the area off. The cam now only see about a metre of my garden where before it wood see about 8 metres.

Hi @Jfrosty! This sounds like our latest update. Check out our help center article for more details about this motion update and how it works. While the settings may look different, the capability of the physical device is the same. You will see that your zones can be toggled on and off, but there should also still be a sensitivity slider to control these zones. Testing these features and adjusting your other motion settings through trial and error is the best way to obtain optimal detection. Let us know if you need any help with any of these features! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried tilting the camera more And all the setting but then it doesn’t pick you on on motion underneath the camera has it did before. The way the camera was positioned before it covered my garden perfectly. Now the new up date has mess all this up. It’s not giving me full protection has it was before. Unless ring change it back unfortunately I’ll have to cancel my subscription and choice a different make that will give my property the full protection.

Sorry I forgot to mention mine is the battery stick up camera.

I’ve recently lost the 3 montion zones on my stickup cam battery devices. I can only adjust the sensitivity now (see attached image).

I have already done a factory reset on both cameras and reinstalled the app.

Sorry it’s a spot light camera battery not stick up camera

Hi @Jfrosty! When adjusting your motion settings, via the motion zones option in the Ring app, there should be both zones and sensitivity options as normal. Please share with us a screen shot or image example of these motion settings, as well as a description of how it differs from before. We will be happy to help further! :slight_smile:

The first pictures are the new setting. The second picture are the old setting which we use to have the same that our ring doorbell camera has now

Thank you for the quick response and image examples, @Jfrosty! We are always working to add to and improve on our features and devices. I will be sure to pass this feedback along to our teams.

In the meantime, the first picture is how motion zones are now configured on the Stick Up Camera. All of the necessary options are still available, they just look a little different compared to older model devices/ motion settings. Your first page will have the zones, which are now able to be toggled separately, and the second page will allow you to then adjust the sensitivity.

While our products and features grow, keep an eye on our Camera Comparison and Doorbell Comparison guides, as this will reflect the intended motion detection methods. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t give me the option now too toggled separately. Just gives you the sensitivity and too turn off zones.This a battery spot light camera not a stick up camera. Thanks