Stick Up Cam - Motion Zone selector crops out top part of video

I’m trying to setup a Motion Zone for my Stick Up Cam so I can exclude the ceiling fan.
However the screen where you edit the zones appears to crop out the top 1/3 or so of the video screen.
iPhone screenshots attched. As you can see the ceiling and fan is out of view in the zone selector.
Software bug??

I am also having this same issue

When you tap the blue zone it should spring into life, as it were, with selection dots around the outside: you drag those to shape it how you want. (And can add two more zones as well). Impressively flexible.

The issue I’m having is that it doesn’t seem to work as advertised! I get motion detected outside the zone.

I know thats how you edit the zone. The highest you can go is like on the picture that was posted. You cannot go higher.

It just seems that the row for the ‘Default Zone’ and ‘Add Zone’ buttons pushes the camera image up off the screen so you physically can’t select it with the translucent blue dots.

Defiantely seems to be a software bug.

Yea that definately sucks. I hope it is just a software bug. The camera’s seem to work pretty good otherwise

Hi neighbors. This is actually by design. The Camera has a wider field of view than the Motion Detector on the Camera. When drawing Customizable Motion Zones, you will only be able to highlight areas that your Motion Detector can actually pick up motion. This Community write up here explains this new feature in detail. I hope this answers your question!


I had this camera above the garage at my former residence and I had to use the black-out privacy zone at the top of the camera’s view to prevent getting motion from my neighbor’s driveway.

If what you’re saying is the real answer than that is a huge flaw.
Why have a “security camera” with a motion zone less than what it can see?

I’ll just use my Wyze cameras instead.