Stick Up Cam motion sensor

What’s the range of the Stick Up Cam motion sensor?

Hey @cr500taco. The Stick Up Cam’s viewing specs are as follows:

  • FOV Horizontal - 110°
  • FOV Vertical - 57°
  • FOV Diagonal - 130°

The distance that it can see out is going to depend on the height that you have placed it at, and the angle it is looking. Generally, at a recommend installation height or 6-9 ft and a straight looking angle, it can see up to 30 ft out. It will all depend on how far the device can see, as if you have it angled down more, it will pick up less, and vice versa! I recommend to play around with motion settings and angle as much as you need to in order to get the perfect motion detection for yourself. :slight_smile:

My question is, what is the range of the motion sensor? How far away does the camera detect motion?

30’ is the range of the motion sensor?

@cr500taco This is for the motion sensor! In order for the Cam part to turn on and start recording motion, it has to detect motion. It can detect motion for the viewing specs, and generally about 30 ft out, but it will depend on your motion sensitivity settings that you place it at. It’s also PIR detection, so it depends on what heat signatures are in front of it.