Stick up cam motion detection

When using customizable motion zones, is the way in which motion is detected by the battery powered stick up cam and the wired stick up cam exactly the same? As in, does the camera use the same type of sensors and algorithms to detect motion whether it is in battery powered or wired mode?

Great question, @mconomos! As described in our Community article about customizable motion zones, these are indeed the same customizable motion zones that have existed on our wired devices, prior to the update. This means that those zones should be the same for the battery and wired models. Here is our help center article with more tips and examples. Keep in mind that there are still other motion settings/ features that can be specific per device model or power method (battery vs wired). For instance, People Only Mode might work differently by power type. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @Marley_Ring. People Only Mode seems to only work in battery mode, which is exactly why I’m considering running my wired stick up cam in battery mode (it has a backup battery). I realize I won’t be able to get as frequent of snapshots, but I think I’m willing to make that trade.

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Hi again, @Marley_Ring. After some of my own testing, I think it must be the case that the motion detection is different when the stick up cam is in wired vs. battery mode (even when you are using the customizable motion zones).

My stick up cam faces a window in my house. When in wired mode, the camera will consistently detect motion inside with a closed window; when in battery mode, the camera never detects motion inside with a closed window (it does detect it if the window is open). Additionally, when in wired mode, the customizable motion zones can be set to the entire field of view; when in battery mode, the customizable motion zones can not cover the top ~25% of the image; presumably, this difference is due to the way the motion detection is done.

Do you know if there are any articles that explain the differences in the way motion is detected? The only articles I can find seem outdated because they are from before battery powered devices had customizable motion zones. Thanks.