Stick up cam motion detection distance problem

Our stick up camera (battery, 3rd gen) is only detecting motion up to about 15 feet. I have the setting on maximum. Anything else I can do? Pic of capture example is attached here. (There is a public path at the far back right corner of this image, which is why we would like to be able to detect motion much further, if possible.) Tried to attach pic of our set up too but it will only let new users post one image.

Hello @cdsoregon ,

It is difficult to really determine the height that you mounted your camera from that picture, but I feel that your Stick-Up Cam Battery (3rd Generation) height that you chose for mounting is too high for producing the results that you desire. Ring does provide recommended outdoor mounting heights. But these are just recommendations. And depending on where you look for that recommendation, it varies. The Stick-Up Cam Battery for outdoors recommendation is about 9-feet. But the recommended height for the Stick-up Cam Plug-In is 5 to 7 feet off the ground. Why is there a difference? (explained in the link below).

I think you’ll have better detection and longer-range detection at a lower height. You’ll also have better “facial” images and less “top-of-head” views too. I have some of my cameras mounted as high as 8-feet and one as low as about 6-feet. I’ve noticed the lower cam definitely has better movement detection and farther detection range, because the angle is ‘looking’ more horizontally outward and less ‘towards the ground’. So, although you can mount your cam as high as you probably have it, I think that’s a partial reason your detection ability is not ideal.

If you want to keep your camera mounted at the height it currently is at, maybe simply angling it more horizontal (pointing less at the ground) could really help your detection range. Although you will trade-off being able to view closer in.

Also, if you use settings of “People Only Mode” or you do not have your “Motion Verification” changed to “Frequent” setting, you may limit the camera’s recordings and notifications.

My cam mounted at 6-feet can shockingly detect and record motion as far as 45-feet away on maximum settings!

Below is a link to an older post of mine. It goes into much more details about optimizing motion detection. I hope you find this information useful. :smiley:

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