Stick Up Cam keeps going offline

My Stick Up Cam keeps dropping off of WiFi. I’m looking for ideas for improving its ability to stay connected.

My Ring video doorbell drops offline every once in a while, but the Stick Up Cam is much worse. It works fine at first, but within a few days, it’s offline again. I reconnect, and the cycle repeats. It’s a pain in the neck to reconnect it every few days, and to lose functionality that often.

It can still drop offline when it has plenty of charge.

Our house has a U-shaped layout, with a gated fence closing off the U. The doorbell is on the gate, looking outward. The Stick Up Cam is on the inner side of the fence, looking back at the house. Our WiFi access point is in the central section of the house, roughly 30’ from the gate. I added a Chime Pro in one wing, in hopes of improving connectivity. I connect the doorbell and the Stick Up Cam to the Chime Pro network. The Chime Pro is 15’ away from the Stick Up Cam, but that hasn’t helped. The Stick Up Cam is 32" closer to the Chime Pro than the doorbell is. If distance or a barrier is the problem, the Stick Up Cam should have fewer problems than the doorbell. The Chime Pro stays online consistently.

The pat answer, of course, is to move the Stick Up Cam somewhere else, but that would reduce the view the camera has of the courtyard area. There’s a tree and whatnot, so not all potential mount points have the same view.

Is this a faulty Stick Up Cam? A product design flaw? Are there other ways to improve its ability to stay connected, short of sacrificing its view by moving it?

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Hi @JimB58. Have you tried reaching out to our support team on this? My first suggestion, if you were up for it, is to get another Chime Pro, as each Ring device should have their own Chime Pro is there are events of one device falling offline when connected to another device’s Chime Pro network. Although, I could see your need for wanting to double check on the device first, so please reach out to our support team here to troubleshooting your Stick Up Cam. They will be able to take a deeper look into your device to see why it keeps falling offline and the best course of action from there!

Did you find a solution to this? I’m having the exact same issue with my battery stick up cam! I have a ring doorbell and spotlight cam that are both connected to my home WiFi and they rarely go offline. The stickup cam is closer to the router than the other two cams and yet it drops continuously. How does this get fixed?


Multiple people are having the same issue with stickup cam gen 3. Best thing would be to call support so they can escalate to engineering team.

If you have a look through the forum over the last 1-2 weeks, you’ll find the other posts.


I contacted them by email a couple of months ago, and got an autoreply about the difficulties of providing support during the pandemic. I tried an online chat just now, and got an automatic response: " Unfortunately, device troubleshooting and first time setup are temporarily unavailable in Chat."

I’ve called them over the last couple of months and they normally answer within a few minutes.

I’ve called as well and worked with multiple people. None of them have been able to resolve the problem. It’s super frustrating.

Same issue here and same response

I had an issue with a ring doorbell 2 and although it took ages to get support they eventually replaced my device

This is really horrible advise.

First, it does not address the key problem at all. The device continuously drops off line.

Second, the “go to” fix always seems to be reboot your router or do you have a good wifi signal. In other words it’s a problem with your location not the device even though as you can see a great number of customers are having the same issue.

Third, there was a prvious problem with battery levels even with the wired cameras that lasted for weeks if not months.

Support is terrible.

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After a 40 minute call, support were still suspecting my network was the issue. Despite me mentioning the other devices never had this problem and that numerous other people have the same issue with stickup cam gen 3.

I have again sent them numerous links from the community.

I have the same problem with one camera, I have many cameras and only this one has the problem of disconnecting from wifi. I swapped with other cameras around the house and the issue is following this one camera, so is not a wifi or location issue since the other cameras are working fine. It might be an HW issue? Maybe a SW update might solve the issue? Please help if any update is planned in the near future.

Did you solve it? I just bought a new camera and I have the same experience ?

I have a suggestion that may be worth a try as I have previously had many issues with 2.4g smart home devices randomly disconnecting from my wifi.

If you router supports multiple mode/frequencies (such as 2.4ghz & 5ghz) take a look in your routers wifi settings and see if an option such as ‘smart connect’ or similar is turned on. Smart connect is used to bridge all available wifi networks into one access point name rather than seperate acess points for each frequency. The router will then determine if the device is 2.4ghz or 5ghz and allow the connection. In my experience, cell phones, tablets & PC’s have not issues when conecting in this type if network however many of my 2.4ghz smart devices (most of them) have had issues with drop outs. Try turning this ‘smart connect’ setting off and then reconnecting the device to one of the available wifi networks. Since turning this setting off within my routers control panel I have experienced zero connection drop outs for my 2.4ghz devices.

Note - This setting may have a different name depending on the brand of router however the purpose/description of the setting will likely remain as described. I have ASUS.

Note - Upon making this change your router will likely have multiple access points visible from which to choose and you will likely need to reconnect all existing wifi devices to your network.

I hope this helps someone


After expanding my ASUS network with an additional AiMesh node, I started having this issue with the StickupCam. Signal strength is good and download speeds at the camera location are in the 150Mb range, so it’s not a signal strength issue, but I am using SmartConnect. It would be a shame to have to turn this off just to accommodate the StickupCam and I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll bet 50 cents that is the indeed the issue. The Stickup Cam does work with SC turned on, just not consistently.

The other possibility I’m considering is what I did for my Spotlight, which is at the far range of the network coverage, namely connect a 54Mb router to the mesh node as an access point.


Forcing my camera to use a 2.4 ghz solved my issue. I looked at the box again today, but didn’t see anything about which frequency it should run on. It is working perfect now :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem I found that if you take the bottom off press the brown button and hold for at least 30 seconds it’s does a full reset start again as if it had just arrived, it does work sometimes

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I had to cameras that said offline. No other devices on my WIFI had an issue. Also, I was able to track down the IP addresses of both cameras and were able to ping them. At that point I knew it wasn’t an issue with my router. So I went into the Ring app and removed them, readded the cameras and now all is good. I don’t understand why Ring insists that it is always the router issue!

I am also having this same issue. Recently purchased a Ring Stick Up Cam with a Ring Solar Panel. Wifi connection is good. It lasts for a day or 2 at a time and then disconnects. When this happens I can fix the issue by getting up on a ladder, take the cam down. I then remove the battery, put it back in and go through the setup procedure to reconnect to the wifi.

One time I was able to fix the issue simply by removing the plug to the solar panel and then reconnecting it. Note that the device appears to have plenty of power (according to the Device Health dislayed in the Ring App it is always above 80%.

I was considering buying a few more cameras, but if this is how they work, I think I may be going with another company for my cameras. I can’t keep taking the camera down every few days to re-boot the device.

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Did you try the solution with 2ghz? It actually solved my issue. I haven’t been offline since changing from 5ghz network to 2 ghz.

Awful product. Not happy