Stick Up Cam Gen 3 Customize Motion Zones


I have a battery powered Stick Up Cam Gen 3. I’m trying to configure the customizable motion zones and running into an issue with not seeing the entire view the camera can see when I go to set the zones. I’ve attached two pics of what I’m seeing in my app:

Ring-1.jpg - This shows the full view in the app of what the camera is seeing before I select to customize the zones. After clicking ‘customize motion zones’ the screen flips to landscape view cutting off the top portion of the full view which is what I see in Ring-2.jpg.

Ring-2.jpg - This shows what I see in the app when I click the ‘customize motion zones’ on the screen in the Ring-1.jpg pic.

In the Ring-2.jpg you can see that the app is not showing everything so I can’t set the zones up properly to capture everything to the beginning of the driveway.

Can someone please help?

I’m having the same issue. Following.

I have exactly the same issue on two cameras that I installed earlier today. Tried contacting the chat support. They suggested removing app, restarting phone and reinstalling. No surprise that it made no difference!

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I just spoke to Ring. Apparently this is not a glitch. They say that the specified field of view for the camera is 110 degrees horizontally and 57 degrees vertically (which it also says in the tech spec for the camera on thier website).

Apparently the area that we see when you go to customise the motion zone is this 110 x 57 degree area. So you can set the zone up to be smaller than this but not larger.

The physical field of view for the camera and what it sees in live view is larger than the specified 110 x 57 degrees but you simply cant select an area that is larger, even if you try to drag the motion zone or create a second motion zone.

In short… Ring say that you cant make the motion zone fill the entire frame.

Think I might be sending my cameras back. For me, this means that although the camera covers my entire car parked on the drive, the motion detection only covers the front and not the rear. Makes it 50% useless!


Hi RiggerMortice,

Thank you for your investigative work and your replies, sincerely appreciated!

I can’t believe this is how the camera works, so disappointing! I’m in the same situation as yourself in that this completely defeats the purpose of my camera overlooking my car parked in the driveway, I bought it for this specific reason. I hope there is an app update coming soon to address this, otherwise this camera is useless for me as well.

Had a few Tweets back and forth with Ring. This was the conclusion (not great)…

We appreciate your feedback here. However, Motion Zones can not be extended to the full area of your Live View when creating these zones. This is because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover. All battery-powered devices use Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors to detect motion. The way the PIR sensors are set up means they can only detect heat-based motion in a specific range, and the area at the very top of the image isn’t included in this range.

We will be sure to pass your feedback on to the appropriate teams for review. If you have any additional questions, let us know.


That is quite frustrating. Have you noticed that you cameras seem to work better in the day than they do at night?

Hey neighbors. We have a Community article that has some excellent tips and tricks to help you with Customizable Motion Zones. To get the most out of your Motion Zones, take a look at this Help Center article that goes over proper placement of your Ring Devices. With proper placement coupled with custom zones, you will have better control over your Ring devices and overall enhanced security. I hope this information helps!

try moving the right lower area in the frist pic. up to the middle if you look at the picuter you have i thnk four dots or 3 and something else in the right hand corner its NOT centerd it should have 2 dots in the middle one on each side and 3 on top and bottom then try moving the top up past your car it should stretch then

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Not sure about the response from Tom_Ring. I’m not a massive fan of people who post “solutions” without really understanding the problem. It was clear from the existing posts that people knew what motion zones were so an article that explains that they exist seems a bit pointless.

A genuine thank you to Ko2 for the suggestion but sadly I had already tried that suggestion. The problem isn’t app or software related. It’s about how the hardware works and motion detection over the entire screen will never be possible because of the IR sensors and their limitations.

I did find a solution though. I returned my Ring stickup cameras and bought a EufyCam E two camera system. More expensive but 100 times better (and cheaper with more benefits that the Arlo equivalent). Very similar to the Ring app. The only drawback is that I now have two apps to check (one for Ring doorbell and the other for EufyCam) but that’s a small price to pay for having a system that actually works.

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