Stick Up Cam Frustration

 I purchased a Stick Up Cam - Battery for use in my office.  Bear in mind, this is a big warehouse with 120 access points throughoutthe building.
 I have a Ring Doorbell Pro on our gate that works perfectly on our WiFi network.  However, I can NOT get the Cam to work, even after resetting it completely several times and asking a couple of coworkers to try it themselves.
 I finally gave in and called support.  After going through the setup with them several times, their final solutions was, "Call your Internet provider!"!!

Call my Internet provider!!? I have over 100 wireless devices connected to this same SSID, but they suggest I call my Internet provider.
Suffice it to say we won’t be purchasing any more Ring products.

Hi @mwdc_it. You can find all the troubleshooting steps we have for the setup process here. It’s possible you may have completed some of those steps when you contacted our support team. However, I would also still recommend contacting your internet service provider to ensure the ports and protocols used by Ring devices are open. They can also check to ensure there are no firewall or security settings in place that may prevent the Stick Up Cam from connecting during setup.